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Dorina gave me so much clarity when it comes to my current situation. Can’t wait to see her again after baby #2
Brenda Nascimento, Burlington

Dorina, is amazing! Truly gifted, she was so accurate that left no room for doubt that she is the real thing. I have never experienced anything like it she is exceptional. I highly recommend her!
Teresa Vazquez – Boston

I am still in shock about how accurate her readings were. She makes you feel so comfortable. So many questions I had were answered and I would 100% go back to her!
Brianna – Revere

Dorina was so amazing , she was so accurate and knew what she was talking about. She was right on and said specific things that really amazed me. It was such a great reading and I’m definitely coming back to her !
Selena Rodriguez – Revere

Accurate, positive energy, comforting and understanding. I highly recommend her she spot on.
Shelby Fogerty – Revere

This was amazing! I felt very comfortable and at ease. Some of the things she would bring up amazed me. Very worth the trip. I will definitely be going back! Thank you Dorina! ❤
Amber – Salem, MA

Very worth the trip and the money. She is very nice, comforting and really on the spot. Definitely will be seeing her again!
Kiana – Norton, MA

Went in for a reading with my Fiancé and was totally blown away by her ability to reach into our souls and know everything that was going on! She is so on point and we so enjoyed her and can’t wait to go back for more! Very highly recommend Dorina.
Rebecca Devine – Revere, Massachusetts

I really enjoyed meeting lastnight with Dorina. Dorina is professional, very spiritually gifted and answered all of the questions I had. I told a few friends about my session lastnight and they are going to now make appointments. If your looking for an honest accurate insight do go see Dorina, she will not disappoint you!
Jeniel Godin – Boston, MA

It was accurate and affordable. She was calm and nice, over all an amazing experience.
Vivian E. – Saugus, MA

Great reading, her shop is very relaxing. She took the time to answer my questions – very professional, can’t wait to come back for another reading.
Donnie Miller – Chelsea, MA

Very good and accurate!
Joshua Luciano – Boston, MA

Accurate, positive energy, comforting and understanding. I highly recommend Dorina’s Psychic Readings in Malden, MA. She guessed it all and knew why I came to her.
Malika Bouajaj – Quincy, MA

The best experience I’ve had, so accurate very in tune with the past, present, and future – very calm and relaxing.
Patsy Miller – Revere, MA

Went in for a psychic reading was very amazed by the accuracy, technique, and array of different readings available. Very calm and soothing environment. She seen everything about me in one reading 100% accurate. Very highly recommended.
Justin Marks – Everett, Massachusetts

Impressive, no cards just pure psychic talent. Highly recommended.
Noelle Spinosa – Winchester, Mass.

She’s so on point! Talented & great personality!
Berivan Yalcin – Malden, MA

Loved it !!!!!! So fun and so accurate.
Mandy Bruno – Somerville, Massachusetts

She’s Great!
Antoine Pieere – Medford, MA


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