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She is so sweet and loving
The reading was amazing!

Savannah Costello – Boston

Wow, unbelievable thank you!

Ashley Eli – Arlington

I met with Dorina today at King Richard’s fair. She is such an amazing person with amazing gifts. She gave me a wonderful reading, and she really helped me work through some issues I was having she could tell immediately what they were which blew my mind! It was my first time meeting with a psychic and I highly recommend her! Thank you so much, Dorina!

Victoria Burgess – Carver

Met with Dorina yesterday at King Richard’s Faire. She was patient, and kind, and her read on me was powerfully accurate. I hope to meet with her again someday!

C Moore-Vissing – Medford

I always am so pleased to see Dorina at King Richards Faire! She is empowering and gifted!

Christine Tardif – Malden

She is great! She told me things that I didn’t realize at that time but they surely came true!!

AJ – Revere


Bri Leshai – Boston

Love her!

Victora Suttora – Somerville

Dorina is unbelievable she knew everything !!!!!!

Linh Nguyen – Melrose

The best experience Ever! I went in to see Dorina today with such stress and left feeling so good about myself and my experience. She is the real deal and she was so spot on. Literally going to book her again within the next two weeks. Definitely recommend her over anyone else! Thank you so much, Dorina!

Karly Alioto – Quincy

Thank you for everything !!! Your help and guidance are amazing

Theresa Amante – Everett

I loved her a lot thanks for your help!

Kevin Jerome – Revere

I never believed in this kind of stuff but I went ahead and did it anyway. Dorina told me more than I even knew about myself. This experience has changed me for the better.

Haley Taing – Malden

I love her and the reading

Gerard Male – Boston

She helped me so much
Thank you for the amazing reading!!!!!!

Anah Ahha – Medford

She changed my life for the better. I’m so thankful to have experienced this. She is wonderful!!!

Vanessa Claudomir – Somerville

Dorina is the best.. She got my spirits aligned and now I am on track again! thanks!

Smart Buy USA Business Office – Carver

I’ve been to quite a few psychics in the past and ever since I came to Dorina she’s been a great help and a wonderful counselor. Would highly recommend it. Thank you, Dorina!

SPK Jokers – Melrose

Very on point, and felt immediately comfortable with her. Genuine & real

Daysha Ariana – Arlington

She rocks, is wicked nice, and is patient.

Chris DeAngelis – Quincy

I was skeptical when I walked in, but now I believe 100%. There were things she told me about myself that

I have not told anyone. Not to mention that I was a walk-in. She’s also a super nice person.

Alejandro Buenrostro – Winchester

She was spot-on about everything and I will definitely go back

Tori Lacorte – Everett

Dorina is the real deal. I stopped here while out of town and she knew things that no one could possibly know. She gave me closure and changed aspects of my life. I would 1000% recommend her to anyone.

Robert Bowen – Boston 

Peaceful and amazing place with the sweetest lady.

Amber H – Medford

Great experience. I will recommend it to all my friends. Very accurate blew my mind..

Hunger Ground Radio – Somerville

Truly incredible. Comfort when I needed it most. Thank you

Jessica Tries – Revere 

When I tell you she’s the first Psychic I’ve ever been to and is worth it I MEAN IT! She is affordable and has a great personality. 100% recommend going to her. I have now sent people I know to her and they also said amazing things. Will only be working with her from now on.

Jessica Barbosa -Carver

so I’m going to say I love the place and I love Dorina she knew a lot about me and helped me so much I say!

Dede Eril -Quincy

So happy thank you so much!

Shawn Steinberg – Medford

She was amazing! She has a very calm and peaceful spirit and is very truthful. I’d recommend her

Temia Rouse – Malden

Despite Dorina’s busy schedule (and her bad allergies!), she made time at the very end of her day, last minute, for my friend and me to come in for a complete reading. I came to Dorina feeling nervous and not knowing what to expect, as she was my first psychic experience ever. I left feeling like a weight had been completely lifted off of my shoulders. She knew all about me and my life. She put into words the things that I’ve never been able to verbalize clearly to anybody, the struggles I’ve had, and how they’ve affected me. She was genuine and very, very easy to talk to. In addition to being refreshingly honest, she was able to offer me guidance and encouragement. I highly recommend her to anybody. Thanks, Dorina!!!

Amber Yanakopulos – Quincy 

She was on point with a lot of things that she said I loved my reading feel so much closer thank you very much Dorina!!!! 100stars

Maya Kessler – Somerville

Me and A friend went and saw Dorina yesterday. She is the real deal. She knew things about my life and about me that no one would know. She is such a kind soul, I will be going back to see Dorina!

Danielle Pantone – Everett

Oh my goodness…. She was spot-on and extremely accurate…. I learned a lot more than I could imagine… She picked up things that NOBODY in this world could even have a clue about… Very happy with the results…. Thank you, Dorina

Mimi Marie – Revere

100 stars!!!
We live over 2 hours away from her, but I will definitely be coming back a few times a year!
She gave us answers that we never thought we’d have.
Thank you so much!!!

Diane Shamsian – Quincy

First I’d like to address a piss poor review below from Armato. One, I’ve had several sessions with Dorina, at the conclusion of which she has never requested a review from me. I actually decided to look her up and see what had been said by others and found what anyone should be able to clearly distinguish as negatively biased filth. 2nd, if you’re visiting Dorina for entertainment purposes with a negative attitude you’re best visiting the corner booth at a circus, this is not the point of her services. Thirdly, and this is for authentic verification purposes, I’ve been receiving counsel regarding a situation that happens to involve another person who recently took up their own separate spiritual counsel unbeknownst to me. Guess what, somehow they both managed to tap into the same information, without knowing about each other and without me knowing the status of the other person’s counsel until my drive home this evening. So if she is a scam, then she is an impossibly damned good one to conspire within an hour’s time difference between cross-town counsel sessions during which she had another client. *end rant*

Bottom line: Dorina is authentic. A lovely soul, direct but soft with information, committed, priced incredibly fairly, busy (for a reason), and just plain awesome. She is not for parlor tricks. And as to if she has asked for reviews from others… any and every business owner knows that in today’s day and age, if you’re not visible or reviewed online, no one pays attention and no one finds you. I recommend Dorina to anyone who is seeking pure, clean counsel, or help, period. And as for the previous nasty review left, I hope Dorina’s business and popularity increase ten-fold!!!’…Just as long as she can still squeeze me in..(gotta be a little selfish here… hehe) But seriously, she has been a life changer for me and that alone deserves way more than 5 stars.

April C. – Medford

I visited Dorina tonight & had an incredible reading. I brought 3 other girls with me & she was very friendly & such a positive woman. Truly talented. She told me things I never expected her to know… It’s unbelievable how well she knew me and the events going on in my life and even relating to my family members and relationships. I am truly in shock and cannot wait to go back. She is a wonderful person & I’ve already recommended her to 2 other friends. I’m so glad I went to see her.

Nicole Rose – Everett

She’s awesome
Rich Jedidiah – Winchester
Dorina is so good I can’t believe how she knew every little thing thanks so much. Full of detailed guidance
PJ Kostas – Revere
Very good experience. She provided insight into my love life-specific details. She touched on my past, current & future life & again… with details. She made a personal connection that made the session lighter. Also made a connection with my mother, who has passed.
Hector Carrasquillo – Melrose
She freaked me out cause I’ve never got my palms read but she was spot on the money it was a good first experience and will do it again when will come back next year to see what she says.
Dread KA – Boston
Dorina is so down to earth, she is straight-up honest with you about everything, definitely coming back!
Linda Ortega – Revere
Dorina is an amazing psychic she is on point with every detail. Recommend seeing her!!
Kristina Lochiatto – Everett
She was a very helpful, calm, and down-to-earth person. I loved how she explained to me about my cards and I am very satisfied with her readings. Thumbs up!
Nayana Lama – Somerville
I’ve been to Dorina twice and I loved my reading both times she’s very accurate and puts my mind at ease!!
Susan Walker – Boston
Just went with my friend to Dorina today and I’m so happy with my reading! It was very accurate and the answers my friend got were just what we were looking for. I can’t wait to go again. 🙂
Lauren Moorehouse – Revere
Spot on reading. I’ve never had someone connect with me like she did she knew things I never told anyone and she opened my eyes to things that I have been struggling with for a long time i have never felt so free I will be back…
Tarra – Everett
Dorina was amazing! She’s very accurate and I left feeling very satisfied with my reading. I will definitely be back.
Jeanmarie Callinan – Malden
She is such a wonderful person and she is great
Natasia Navarro – Carver
I recommend Dorina to anyone who needs any type of help thank you Dorina for helping me set free from my drug addiction you are a blessing I can’t say thank you enough
Daniellia Stevens – Boston
Unbelievable Amazing in every way Loved my reading see you soon
Robert Evano – Melrose
Very good and honest.
Christina Murphy – Boston MA
Amazing. She was spot-on with everything, highly recommend
Demitria Buccieri – Medford
She gave me the best reading out of many physics I have been to. Spot on with everything she said! Would definitely recommend going to her!!
Amanda Corbett – Boston
She is the BEST
Google User – Medford
I was at a crossroads in my life, having lost my parents, I was seeking healing and closure. I googled Dorina and gave her a shot. I am giving 5 Stars, as I wish I could give 10! She healed my wounds at this sensitive time in my life. I will send her everyone I know! Thank you!
Jay Bas – Winchester
Great tarot card reading. She answered all my questions. Thank you, Dorina.
Raekwon Morgan –  Everett
Carine Arrey – Quincy
My friend found her online. And we both went last night! All we have to say is. Wow! Mouth dropping. She is amazing. We are so glad we found her. Amazing experience. She told me things that am still in shock. Along with my friend. Am definitely going back to do some meditation with my friend. We can’t wait. Dorina is great. Highly recommended.
Keyla O – Winchester
Life changing. Dorina is hands down the real deal. It still gives me goosebumps thinking about the reading she gave me. She was spot on with everything going on in my life, even with things that I have never told another soul. Always being somewhat of a skeptic with these things (I have never had a reading as I did with Dorina before) I wasn’t sure what to expect. Same old generic answers? However, the moment I spoke with her on the phone I felt compelled to see her so I knew that had to be a good sign. While her place is under a little bit of construction at the moment, she disguises it nicely inside with a very comfortable, very homey atmosphere. She is sweet and easy to talk to. I went in originally to do a tarot card/psychic reading. From the moment she laid my chosen cards down on the table, I hardly said a word and she did all the talking. I was floored by what she had to say. She was able to connect with my father who passed away a year ago and to describe that feeling is simply impossible. She’s it. Take my word for it. I believe in her ability and will be back again to see her soon.
Christine McBride – Boston
This was an amazing experience. Went to my appointment a little skeptical thinking it would be the cliche psychic readings, but I was speechless at the accuracy of her readings. I did the full package reading and it was beyond worth it. She brought up situations that were in my life that I rarely discuss with people and the connections she made with people in my life were just incredible. She knew what was going on in my life and how I felt. By the end of my appointment I was in a state of shock at just how accurate she was, she is really talented and I will definitely go back there.
Wayne C – Winchester
Dorina is truly an amazing and talented woman. She is honest and only tells the truth in her work. She is helping me with a problem in my life right now, I wanted to give up but she’s not letting me. I feel comfortable with her work and I believe that her work is going to prove in a big way. I highly recommend her to my friends.
Rich Doherty – Carver
she was very accurate, in helping me with some of my issues with love & relationships. She read me very well, and other people in my life Very Well!!!! she was awesome and encouraging. thank you
Liz Marcil – Winchester
Dorina was amazing. She knew exactly what type of person I was and what types of things I’m going through in life. She was spot on with everything she said and she said things that no one else would have known. Highly recommended and I will be going back!
Amber Morneau – Carver
It was a great experience she was spot on I loved it and my friends want to come in for a reading also.
Leslie Hernandez – Medford 
Very worth the trip and the money. She is very nice, comforting, and really on the spot. Definitely will be seeing her again!
Kiana Taylor – Somerville 
Very relaxing and spot-on. Already in the process of booking my next appointment. Highly recommend!!!
Pauline Ascolese – Melrose
Dorina is the real deal. Spot on

Natasha Jenkins – Carver 

I spontaneously decided to go see a psychic today and will not live to regret it! Dorina was incredibly personable and extremely informative when it came to reading tarot cards. In addition to that, her chakra/aura readings were very intense. I will definitely be back again!

Faith Blass – Winchester

Dorina was amazingly accurate. I did multiple readings with her and she was completely spot on. From the moment I walked in she knew things no one could know about me. It was phenomenal!

Jay Mayan- Everett, MA 

This was my first time meeting with a psychic and I wanted to try the tarot card reading, and she also ended up connecting with my dad which I was hoping to hear from. I appreciated that she was very honest with me even if it wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but it was what I needed to hear. She gave me a clear perspective on what to do in my next step in life since I was a bit all over the place, and channeling my dad and getting advice from him was exactly what I needed!

Mel Vincenty – Melrose, MA

Meeting Dorina at the King Richards Fair today she gave me an unbelievable reading was a skeptic at first considering it was a fair but I asked her a question no one would know the answer to and she nailed it so I was sold right then and there and after the tarot card reading I was blown away. I will def be going back for a visit very soon!!!

Robert Russo –  Quincy, MA 

Insanely accurate…

Danny Perez – Somerville, MA

Dorina was great. I went for the multiple reading package, and it was worth it, I recommend this package for someone who needs a holistic reading. Her readings were very accurate and on point. She is very calm and relaxed. Not only does she read what going on with you, but she also is a good life coach through her expertise. She has changed my life for the better from that one session. I highly recommend her.

Google User – Boston, MA

All I have to say is wow she was great!!!!!!!!! If you looking for the truth then she’s the one to go to.

Sherry Miller- Melrose 

Went to see Dorina the other day she was a very accurate and good person I would definitely go again, Thanks!

Elijah Miller – Winchester 

recommend the tarot card reading Dorina was very soothing and calming, I highly recommend Dorina!

Google User – Boston, MA

The tarot card reading was incredible!
It was accurate and affordable. She was calm and nice, overall an amazing experience

Vivian Evano – Medford, MA

I enjoyed my reading it was so Amazing everything she said was true and whatever I asked her she answered correctly I would really recommend her!
Branna Lova – Revere 

Very accurate!
Gucci Evano – Boston, MA

Dorina gave me so much clarity when it comes to my current situation. Can’t wait to see her again after baby #2
Brenda Nascimento – Burlington

Dorina, is amazing! Truly gifted, she was so accurate that left no room for doubt that she is the real thing. I have never experienced anything like it she is exceptional. I highly recommend her!
Teresa Vazquez – Boston

I am still in shock about how accurate her readings were. She makes you feel so comfortable. So many questions I had were answered and I would 100% go back to her!
Brianna – Revere

Dorina was so amazing , she was so accurate and knew what she was talking about. She was right on and said specific things that really amazed me. It was such a great reading and I’m definitely coming back to her !
Selena Rodriguez – Revere

Accurate, positive energy, comforting and understanding. I highly recommend her she spot on.
Shelby Fogerty – Revere

This was amazing! I felt very comfortable and at ease. Some of the things she would bring up amazed me. Very worth the trip. I will definitely be going back! Thank you Dorina! ❤
Amber – Salem, MA

Very worth the trip and the money. She is very nice, comforting and really on the spot. Definitely will be seeing her again!
Kiana – Norton, MA

Went in for a reading with my Fiancé and was totally blown away by her ability to reach into our souls and know everything that was going on! She is so on point and we so enjoyed her and can’t wait to go back for more! Very highly recommend Dorina.
Rebecca Devine – Revere, Massachusetts

I really enjoyed meeting lastnight with Dorina. Dorina is professional, very spiritually gifted and answered all of the questions I had. I told a few friends about my session lastnight and they are going to now make appointments. If your looking for an honest accurate insight do go see Dorina, she will not disappoint you!
Jeniel Godin – Boston, MA

It was accurate and affordable. She was calm and nice, over all an amazing experience.
Vivian E. – Saugus, MA

Great reading, her shop is very relaxing. She took the time to answer my questions – very professional, can’t wait to come back for another reading.
Donnie Miller – Chelsea, MA

Very good and accurate!
Joshua Luciano – Boston, MA

Accurate, positive energy, comforting and understanding. I highly recommend Dorina’s Psychic Readings in Malden, MA. She guessed it all and knew why I came to her.
Malika Bouajaj – Quincy, MA

The best experience I’ve had, so accurate very in tune with the past, present, and future – very calm and relaxing.
Patsy Miller – Revere, MA

Went in for a psychic reading was very amazed by the accuracy, technique, and array of different readings available. Very calm and soothing environment. She seen everything about me in one reading 100% accurate. Very highly recommended.
Justin Marks – Everett, Massachusetts

Impressive, no cards just pure psychic talent. Highly recommended.
Noelle Spinosa – Winchester, Mass.

She’s so on point! Talented & great personality!
Berivan Yalcin – Malden, MA

Loved it !!!!!! So fun and so accurate.
Mandy Bruno – Somerville, Massachusetts

She’s Great!
Antoine Pieere – Medford, MA


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